Luxe Style

What is Luxe style?

Curvaceous, delicate, timeless - luxe style lends itself to the finer things in life. Reflective smoked glass and plush textures combined with the beauty of delicate veined marble and mirrors. curves, soft colour palates and soft and luxurious fabrics.

Accents of metallics, mirrors and glass. The luxe colour palettes come in sumptuous creams, champagnes and rose golds, accented with teal or black. 21st century Old Hollywood comes to life. 

Create a Luxe space

Leaning heavily on textures and patterns, Luxe style loves a detailed pattern. Combine an Amara pot or Antoniette pot with pink Philodendrons or a structural magenta Begonia.

With its sleek linear pattern, the Charlotte pot will create an eye-catching display when planted with a brilliant plant such as a spiral aloe or a two-toned Ctenanthe. Pair pampas grass blooms with a smoky or blush Liv Pot.