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How to Create a Rustic Foliage Potted Combo
How to Create a Rustic Foliage Potted Combo
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

Container gardening expert Melissa King shows you how to create a rustic foliage combo that oozes outback charm.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 x Northcote Pottery Whiskey Barrel
  • 1 x bag of quality potting mix
  • 1 x Cordyline ‘Red Star’
  • 1 x Euphorbia ‘Baby Charm’
  • 1 x Libertia ‘Taupo Blaze’
  • 3 x Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue Grass)
  • 2 x assorted Sedums
  • 1 x Phormium ‘Purple Haze’

Plant a trio of strappy leaved plants in red, purple, green and brown tones at the back of the container for height and drama. I chose a combination of Cordyline ‘Red Star’, Phormium ‘Purple Haze’ and Libertia ‘Taupo Blaze’, which displays attractive spiky foliage that changes from green and yellow to brilliant orange and red in the autumn. Then tuck a beautiful Euphorbia ‘Baby Charm’ into the side of the container. It displays brilliant olive-green bracts through the warmer months. Finish off the look by alternating tufts of striking Blue Fescue grass with Sedums in stunning bluish tones.

Tip: Position it in a sunny spot for a rustic, low maintenance combo that will shine in every season.

Happy Container Gardening!