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Foliage Stunner
Foliage Stunner
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

Container gardening expert Melissa King shows you how to create a foliage stunner that will light up your garden.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 x Northcote Pottery Java Winston Egg 55 x 44cm
  • 1 x bag of quality potting mix
  • 1 x Aulax ‘Bronze Haze’
  • 2 x Leucadendron ‘Devil’s Blush’
  • 2 x Carex buchananii
  • 1 x Carex ‘Frosted Curls’
  • 1 x Echeveria ‘Black Prince’
  • 2 x Crassula ‘Campfire’

Start by planting the beautiful Aulax ‘Bronze Haze’ towards the back and centre of the pot. It turns a deep bronze colour in winter. Then frame it on either side with Carex buchananii and Leucadendron ‘Devil’s Blush’, which turns spectacular shades of red from Autumn right through to Spring. Soften the look with some ‘Carex ‘Frosted Curls’ at the centre. Then introduce a splash of colour to the front of the container with Crassula ‘Campfire’ with fleshy bright red leaves and Echeveria ‘Black Prince’, which boasts dramatic deep purple-black foliage and clusters of red-orange flowers.

Tip: Position this pretty potted combo in a sunny spot for colour and interest in every season