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A Clustered Combo of Colour and Texture

A Clustered Combo of Colour and Texture
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

Container Gardening Expert Melissa King shows you how to use foliage texture and colour to carry your pots through the seasons with this beautiful, clustered combo.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 x Northcote Pottery Ava Pot in Sage 25cmx 25cm
1 x Northcote Pottery Ava Pot in Sage 20cm x 20cm
1 x Northcote Pottery Ava Pot in Sage Leo 17cm x 17cm
1 x bag of good quality potting mix
1 x Uncinia ‘Belinda’s Find’
1 x Carex testacea
2 x Aeonium species
1 x Carex ‘Feather Falls’
1 x Mesembryanthemum ‘Pete’s Red’ (Red Pig Face)

In the largest pot, start by planting a beautiful black-burgundy Aeonium at the back and centre. Frame it on either side with wispy bronze Carex grass and Carex ‘Feather Falls’, which has weeping cream and green foliage that provides wonderful contrast. Complete the look with Uncinia ‘Belinda’s Find’ cascading over the front. It has pretty red-bronze foliage that intensifies through the cooler months. In the medium pot make a feature of a single Aeonium with dark, moody foliage that will look good all year round. Finish your clustered combo with a splash of bright red Pig Face, which is smothered in colourful daisy-like flowers through spring and summer.

MEL'S TIP: When the Pig Face finishes flowering pop it into the garden and replace it with Autumn-Winter flowers for a whole new look.