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The Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your Home

Nothing transforms a space like a bit of greenery. Science is also telling us that indoor plants help to make us feel happier and healthier and even act as air purifiers in the home. So why not fill every room with house plants and make the benefits tenfold.

The secret to choosing the right plant for every room is to study the light and other environmental factors in that space and then choose a plant that will thrive in those conditions. You also want to think about the vibe that you want to create – urban jungle, seaside chic or tranquil sanctuary are just some examples. The right pot can also dictate the look of the whole space, so to take the guesswork out of it all I’ve come up with a list of suggested plants and decorative pots for every room in your home.

Best Indoor Plants for Your Bedroom

The best indoor plants for a bedroom are the Zanzibar Gem and a Peace Lily.

Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, and nothing creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere quite like a room full of plants. Bedrooms aren’t always the light-filled places of our dreams, so if natural light is lacking in your room then Zanzibar Gem is the perfect choice. It’s even nicknamed the ZZ plant, so surely it must help you get a good night’s sleep! It has a striking architectural form and glossy green foliage, so it’s easy to pair with modern or traditional décor and it’s no fuss - so you can enjoy the benefits of little work. Nothing says tranquility quite like the Peace Lily, so it’s another top choice for a bedroom display. It’s beautiful and versatile, so if your space is light and bright, you’ll enjoy lush green foliage and stunning white flowers. If it’s a little dark, you won’t get as many flowers (if any), but you can still enjoy the stunning leafy foliage. Match these plants with our Paloma Egg Pots in Cream. Timeless in design, its shape and colour will suit any bedroom and with complement all décor.

Best Indoor Plants for Your Living Room

Monstera Plants and Philodendrons are some of the best indoor plants to have in your living room.

In the living room plants are really on display, so you want to get your choice of pots and plants just right. You’ve also often got more room to play around with, so why not make a dramatic statement with big bold plants and big bold pots. I love the idea of making a Monstera the centre of the room, especially in Northcote Pottery’s Modstone U Pot with a clever false bottom. Given space, the right spot and a sturdy climbing frame, a Monstera can create impact from floor to ceiling. There are also climbing Philodendrons, which are tough and beautiful and can be grown up or down to tumble over the edge of pots. I love Philodendron ‘Brazil’ with trailing stems and striking lime green and gold heart shaped foliage. Among the non-vining types look out for Philodendron ‘Birkin’ with almost pin striped green and white foliage or bring a splash of colour to your living areas with Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’. Let your Philodendrons pop and be complemented by the pastel shades of the Antoinette Pots.

Best Bathroom Indoor Plants

For humid and unique spaces in your home, such as the bathroom, Ferns and Moth Orchids are excellent indoor plant choices.

It’s amazing how much time you can spend in the bathroom, particularly if there are teenagers in the house! So why not lift the mood of the space with the right plants. Plants can also help to regulate humidity levels, which is great for deterring mould and other problems. The trick is to choose indoor plants that can cope with the low light and moisture that often comes with a bathroom. Ferns are lush and green and grow naturally in moist, shady environments, so they are top of the list for bathrooms. If space is lacking, try hanging a Boston Fern from the ceiling and let the decorative fronds cascade over the edge of Northcote Pottery’s Self-Watering Hanging Basket. If you’re looking for a bit of colour, turn to the Moth Orchid placed in the Aurora Vase. They’re like the supermodel of indoor plants, stylish and refined and instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. When it’s finished flowering, simply swap it out for another beauty and pop it into a brighter spot to encourage it to re-flower.

Indoor Kitchen Plants

If you are looking to decorate a frequently used room like the kitchen, Devil's Ivy and Peperomias are the best indoor plants to consider.

You can have a lot of fun decorating the kitchen with indoor plants. Kitchens are often light and bright, so the choice is endless, but I like to use plants that I can hang up high or place on shelves so they can tumble down and create a wall of greenery. One of the best candidates for the job is the good old Devil’s Ivy, which never fails to please, with its good looks and tough demeanour it goes perfectly with Northcote Pottery’s Odessa Drum Pot in a white-washed finish. I love variegated forms like ‘Snow Queen’, with attractive green and white foliage. If you’re looking for a cute, compact countertop plant then look no further than the Peperomias. ‘Watermelon’ is a stunner, with distinctive striped leaves or try growing the variegated types with green and creamy yellow foliage. There are even extra petite varieties, which are ideal for small spaces. Try clustering three different peperomias together on a bench in a family of similar pots, like Northcote Pottery’s Alure collection, for extra impact.

Best Indoor Plants for Kids Bedroom

Dracaena Fragrans and Parlour Palm are great picks for a kid's bedroom.

You may not have thought about decorating the kids' bedroom with greenery, but there are lots of child friendly plants and pots like Northcote Pottery’s Siene Round Pot on Stand, that if used in the right way, can enliven a space or create a peaceful ‘sleepy time’ atmosphere. With a name like Happy PlantDracaena fragrans is the perfect choice for energising a room. It’s also big and leafy, so it has real impact. Just be sure to give it room to shine. Place it in bright, indirect light for a happy plant and a happy vibe. Or you could transform the kid’s bedroom into a tropical paradise with the Parlour Palm. It’s more compact than other palms with a slender trunk and lush green fronds. And if your kids are budding plant parents then it’s a great choice for beginners.