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How Plants Make You Happy and Healthy
How Plants Make You Happy and Healthy
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

Research is telling us what we already know, that plants can make you happy and healthy. Filling your home with greenery not only makes you feel good, but just a few plants can significantly increase the air quality in a room.

Plants are nature’s air purifiers. In fact they are very effective at removing nasty air pollutants, which have become a major health concern in homes and offices. Recent research conducted by RMIT University and the University of Melbourne into the health benefits of indoor plants has shown that just 1 plant can improve your air by 25%. Create an urban jungle in your living room and the benefits are ten fold. Size also matters, so opt for plants in big pots with big bold foliage.

And if you ever feel more relaxed or inspired when you’re out in nature or immersed in a garden, it’s no coincidence. Plants around the home can also significantly increase your well-being, making you feel calmer, more focussed and positive about life. Just 5 plants in a room can increase your sense of well-being by a whopping 60%. Again – the more plants the better. Diversity matters too, so surround yourself with greenery and experiment with plants of different sizes and variety.

And what about the benefits of physically getting out there and gardening?  Well, there’s some pretty compelling evidence that gardening is good for the mind and that getting your hands dirty can help stave off the blues, fight depression and reduce stress and anxiety levels.  By reducing stress and keeping you active gardening can also help to prevent lifestyle related diseases like heart disease and diabetes. And here’s the real kicker - gardening regularly may cut your risk of Alzheimer’s in half. Then of course there is the ready supply of fresh, organically grown fruit and veg picked straight from your own backyard.