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6 Tips for Reviving Your Office Plants
6 Tips for Reviving Your Office Plants
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

If you’ve returned to work to find your office plants looking limp and less than happy, then here are a few tips to breathe life back into your indoor beauties.

  1. Overwatering is generally the biggest killer of indoor plants, but since ISO kept us away from the office, drying out is likely to be the biggest culprit here. If your plants are severely parched start by giving them a good soak in a bucket of water. Pop some wetting agent into the bucket too, to aid water absorption. Leave the plant submerged in the bucket until bubbles have stopped forming so that you know that the root ball is wet all the way through.
  2. Trim off any brown or yellow leaves and stems to give the plant a good tidy up and encourage fresh new growth. Cut them off close to the base.
  3. If dust has accumulated on the leaves, give them a wipe down with a clean moist cloth.
  4. As they say a change is as good as a holiday, so if you’re worried that your office plants aren’t getting enough light, move them to a spot where they receive bright but indirect sunlight.
  5. Check for signs of pests or disease that may have taken advantage of your plants stressed state and treat them accordingly.
  6. Start giving them weekly doses of Seaweed based plant tonic. It helps to reduce stress on plants, stimulate strong healthy root growth and aid recovery.

If there’s just no reviving your office plants, use their untimely passing as a good excuse to go pot and plant baby shopping.