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Top ways to kill your indoor plants

Top ways to kill your indoor plants
Melissa King
Garden Expert & TV Presenter
Better Homes and Gardens

Put your hand up if you’re a serial indoor plant killer? We’re all guilty of showering our indoor plants with too much affection or neglecting them to the point of no return. So, here are the top 5 ways you could be killing your beloved house plants.

Too much love?

Over watering is the biggest killer of indoor plants. Yes, you could be killing your leafy friends with too much love! Wilting leaves can be a sign of too much or too little water. So, if your indoor plants are looking a bit sad, don’t automatically reach for the watering can. Do the finger test first. Poke your finger into the soil – if its dry a few centimetres or so down, then give your plant a drink. If your houseplants are sitting in cover pots, be sure to take the plant out of the decorative pot first to water it, allow it to drain, then pop it back in. And always check to make sure that your plants are not sitting in a pool of water.

The wrong plant for the right spot

Some house plants grow well in low light, others need it a bit brighter to flourish, so position them around your home according to their required light levels. They say a change is as good as a holiday, so If your house plants aren’t looking too happy, try relocating them to another spot.

Needed - A new lease on life

If your houseplants are leaping out of their pots or just looking a bit tired and worn out, then re-pot them and give them a new lease on life. Take the plant out of its old pot, remove any diseased or manky old leaves, get rid of the old potting mix and trim off any dead or damaged roots. If the plant was tight in the original container, pot it up into a bigger pot and use a good quality potting mix. Then water it in with a seaweed-based solution to promote strong healthy roots and settle the plant into its new home.

Take the opportunity to update the look of your decorative pot too and choose a stylish new planter that complements the décor in your home.

Spring cleaning overdue?

Don’t wait for spring to get cleaning. A wipe down of leaves with a moist cloth will remove dust or particles getting in the way of sunlight. But I like to give my indoor plants a more thorough clean every few months by popping them in the shower (just don’t use hot water). A shower helps to remove any build up on the leaves and gives them a fresh glossy new look. You could also pop them out in the rain or give them a good sprinkling with the hose.

Can anyone feel a draft?

Indoor plants often face temperature extremes, so make it easier on them by positioning them away from heaters or icy cold drafts coming through doorways and windows

Follow these tips and you’ll have one happy little house plant gang.