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Glitz & Glam Trio

Potted Combo of the Month

13 NOV 2020

potted combo

Have you ever thought about doing the “thrill, fill and spill” indoors with a potted family of house plants?

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 set of Northcote Pottery Gold Lincoln Tripod pots
1 x large Cordyline
1 x colourful Bromeliad
1 x Agave geminiflora

Gold Lincoln Tripod pots are glitzy and glamourous, so they are the perfect choice to show off a gorgeous selection of indoor plants. The planters are cover pots, so you can simply plonk the plants, black plastic pot and all, into the decorative pots.

Fill the biggest pot with a “Thrilling” Cordyline. Then make a feature of the middle sized pot with a striking Bromeliad that “fills” the display out beautifully. Fill the smallest pot with Agave geminiflora, which has lovely fountain like foliage that “spills” down the edges of the pot.

Now that’s one striking little house plant gang!     

Author: Melissa King

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