Video - Container Gardening Tips

Need some tips for growing perfect plants in your Northcote Pottery pots? Check out the videos below, where Melissa King gives us the low down on growing everything from roses and azaleas to vegetables and citrus in containers.

Planting Tips for Big Pots

Growing Vegetables and Herbs in cafeSTYLE Pots

Growing Citrus and Olives in Primo Pots

Growing Roses in urbanLITE Pots

Creating Beautiful Potted Colour Displays

Growing Native Plants in terraFIRMA Pots

Growing Camellias and Azaleas in Primo Glazed Pots

Northcote in the Media

The Garden Gurus - Lightweight Pots | September 2016

Melissa King shows us her love of lightweight pots, which not only look fantastic but they're better for your back!

The Garden Gurus - Elite Letterboxes | October 2015

Melissa King shows us how easy it is to improve the first impression of your home by installing a new Elite Letterbox from Northcote Pottery. She takes us through the installation of a GRC Canterbury Letterbox.

The Garden Gurus - Water Magic | October 2015

Melissa King shows how easy it is to add a tranquil ambience to any garden with a Water Magic fountain, which are easy to install and operate, and come in a wide variety of styles.

Better Homes and Gardens | October 2014

Check out the 'New Products For Renovating Your Home' story presented by Joh Griggs which aired on 3rd October (Episode 36). She shows how garden pots can be used to dress up any yard, entertaining area or balcony, and features some urbanLITE Diamond Eggs and Addison Milans beautifully planted up.

The Garden Gurus | April 2014

The Garden Gurus aired a story on 'Decorating Outdoor Entertaining Areas' on 13th April (Episode 7). Click below to view the video where Melissa King takes us through a complete outdoor area makeover, and offers some great garden design tips and inspiration. You can also see some Relic and Palermo pots, Keystone outdoor tables, Aurora light boxes and Glow fire pits in action!

Media Releases

October 2015 - Get the Look - 4 Fresh Makeover Ideas

Spring is the perfect season to start a potted garden, giving your new plants a healthy start and growth boost before the summer heat arrives. Create a fresh new look in your outdoor living space with some potted inspiration from Northcote Pottery. Choose from 4 creative makeover ideas; Resort Living, Easy Care Chic, Sharp and Sleek, or Grow Your Own.

October 2015 - Style and function come together with Neo

If you’re looking for plastic pots that tick all of the boxes then look no further than ‘Neo’. Every Neo pot features a no mess self-watering system, which makes pot plant care really easy! Simply water your plants as normal on the soil surface or through the handy no spill spout, which eliminates mess. The hidden reservoir stores excess water, which the plant can draw on as needed, so you water less, saving time and optimise the use of precious water.

October 2015 - Introducing the Villa Collection

If you’re looking for a stylish way to dress up your outdoor entertaining areas this spring without breaking the budget, then you’ll love Northcote Pottery’s new ‘Villa’ collection of high quality, durable plastic pots, troughs, hanging baskets and wall baskets.

March 2015 - New Elite Letterbox Range

Updating your letterbox is a quick and easy way to improve the first impression of your home. Northcote Pottery’s collection of Elite Letterboxes come in a stunning range of traditional and modern styles, colours and materials for every situation.

March 2015 - The Perfect Mothers Day Gift Idea

Birdbaths make a great gift idea for Mum this Mothers Day. Not only do they attract a variety of birds to drink and bathe in your garden, but they make an interesting focal point or centre piece.

January 2015 - Make Your Garden Glow

Things are really heating up this season with the arrival of Northcote Pottery’s hot new outdoor heating range ‘Glow’. Make the garden a place to escape during the cooler months and extend precious hours outdoors with our collection of Chimeneas and fire pits. Think long autumn evenings cooking by the fire or cosy winter nights with marshmallows and good glass of wine.

December 2014 - Think Vertically with Clyde Garden eco-Pockets

If you’re short on space in the garden, why not think vertically! Vertical gardens are the perfect solution for increasing growing space and a great way to dress up a wall, soften hard surfaces or inject new life into a small garden, courtyard or balcony.

January 2014 - A New Era for Northcote Pottery

Northcote Pottery is pleased to announce that from the 1st of January, 2014, its business operations in Australia, New Zealand and China have been acquired by Griffon Corporation (NYSE: GFF), a diversified U.S. public company that conducts its business within the home and building products, defence electronics and plastics industries.

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Northcote News

NGISA Garden Industry Awards

Northcote Pottery received three awards at the NGISA Awards of Excellence event held on Friday 27th November 2015. The awards included Best Products Category, Staff Appreciation (Tied between Brunnings and Northcote Pottery), and NGISA Allied Trader of the Year (Tied between Brunnings and Northcote Pottery). Congratulations to our SA team for such a tremendous achievement!

Launch of new AMES Australasia website

The AMES Companies are pleased to announce the launch of four new websites. The new sites provide visitors with all new content and imagery tailored to the company’s heritage, markets, customers and operations in each region. AMES’ roots reach back to 1774 in America, and the new sites reflect the growth and global reach of today’s company.

Visit the new AMES Australasia website. | Read the full Media Release.

Melissa King & Northcote Pottery

Melissa King with urbanLITE potsTelevision gardener and writer Melissa King is proud to be associated with Northcote Pottery, “Northcote has been setting the standard in garden pots and decor for over 110 years and I’m thrilled to be involved with a company with such a rich history” explains King. “As a long time inner city gardener, I’ve become a firm fan of Northcote’s broad range of styles and colours that make enjoying a garden in even the narrowest courtyard or smallest balcony an absolute pleasure”.

Melissa knows that today’s outdoor living lifestyle is also about more than pots, “Northcote’s ever growing range of fountains, wall art, garden ornaments and furniture is very exciting” enthuses Melissa, “Adding a water feature, a simple piece of wall decor or a casual garden seat can really turn a patio or veranda into an outdoor room.”

Melissa’s fresh and engaging style makes gardening accessible to people of all ages. Her passion for growing fresh fruits and vegetables grown in pots is a favourite with her audiences everywhere, whether it be on Foxtel’s ‘Garden Angels’ or when she speaks enthusiastically at garden clubs and garden centres around the country. “Northcote’s huge range of shapes and sizes makes it so easy to have fresh and healthy produce, ready to harvest right by the back door!”

So why does Melissa King highly recommend Northcote Pottery garden pots and decor?
“The range really is ‘designed for lifestyle’” laughs King.

Marketing Opportunities & Images

Melissa King is available for interviews and presentations on container gardening and garden design with Northcote Pottery's latest collections. If you would like to discuss upcoming events or media opportunities, or require high resolution images for articles, catalogues or website use, please contact our marketing team at