Outdoor Heating

Safety Instructions

Astra Firepit
  • Always ensure the unit is stable, and on a level, heat-resistant surface prior to use, away from combustible materials such as wooden fencing, plants etc.
  • The item will be very hot during and after use, so take care with children and pets.
  • Do not handle or move the unit when lit or hot. It may cause burns. Always ensure it has completely cooled before moving, using two persons to lift where specified.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Ensure the item is positioned with at least a 2 metre clearance from surrounding and overhead items.
  • Always check local fire regulations before use.


  • FIRE HAZARD – Hot embers may emit while in use.
  • These products are intended for outdoor use only.
  • Do not use on wooden decking or any other surface such as dry grass, wood chips, leaves or decorative bark that may catch fire, or be damaged by the radiant heat emitted from the heater.
  • Astra FirepitThese products are only suitable for use with untreated wood and logs. Do not use charcoal.
  • Do not use petrol, white spirits, lighter fluid, alcohol or other similar chemicals to light a fire as the rapid increase in temparature could damage the Chimenea/Fire Pit.
  • Ensure that rain doesn't collect in the bottom of the heater. When not in use, protect your heater from rain with a protective cover, or move into a shed, garage or undercover area.

Clay items specifically;

  • Remember to properly prepare and cure before use to avoid damaging or cracking. Curing information can be found in the instructions sheets below.
  • Never overload the Chimenea/Fire Pit or allow wood to hang out over the edges or top. Excess fuel and heat may cause your Chimenea/Fire pit to crack.
  • Do not extinguish the fire with water, this can also damage the Chimenea/Fire Pit. Simply let the fire die out naturally, or douse with sand.

Important Care Instructions

For more detailed information on how to use and care for your outdoor heater, download a copy of the Care Instructions for your Chimenea or Fire Pit from below.

Clay Chimeneas & Firepits

Maya Sun Chimenea
Venetian Clay Fire Pit
Incan Clay Fire Pit
Astra Chimenea

Metal Chimeneas & Firepits

Acheron Fire Pit
Meru Fire Drum Fire Pit
Machu Fire Pit
Petra Fire Pit
Manzano Fire Pit
Napa Fire Pit
Mirada Fire Pit

Weathering Steel Chimeneas & Firepits

Vida Fire Pit
Vivo Fire Pit
Rustic Fire Pit
Sienna Fire Bowl
Cove Chimenea